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Leather Skivers Hides

Our company operates in the international leather market since 1993. We are producing semi-finished leather and finish leather for different purposes (furniture, automotive, haberdashery, footwear), are trading with many countries of the world, and in 39 of them we have our representatives.
We are the official representative major leather producers as ANDREW MURHEAD & SON Ltd. LEATHER (Scotland) and the BRIDGE OF WEIR (Scotland), as well as textile firms SUNBRELLA (France) in the Baltic States and the CIS.
There are about 150 different colors in our assortment, and shades of the furniture, footwear, automotive, leather and artificial leather, various colors of fabric Sunbrella, used mainly for the manufacture of automobile and boat awnings.


Leather Skivers Hides

Our company is participating in the international leather trade fairs since 1995 in China (Hong Kong, Shanghai), India (Chennai), in Italy (Milan, Bologna), take part in International Automobile Exhibition in Finland and Sweden, and the specialized exhibition as "Light industry" and " Furniture Club "in Moscow, the" Baltic Furniture "in Riga," Furniture shop "in Stockholm, various shoe shows in Germany).

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Skivers Hides AS

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Yachts & Boats, interior.

Any trip on your boat or yacht should be fun. We carefully plan about the smallest details of the interior, which will combine the convenience and comfort. We are offer you many opportunities for individual and exclusive interior finishes and remaking your yacht or boat. We also offer manufacturing and sewing lounges (mattresses) different configurations for relaxing on deck.

Tuning, leather saloon cars.

Remaking of the car interior is the most common tuning. This is a right way to create a unique image of the car for those, who do not like the sameness of the stock series models. We are ready to carry out high-quality and fast repair of any existing seats. We can assist to develop your own style, or repeat any being interior.

Tuning, steering wheel.

The steering wheel is fitted by a specialized high-quality leather gives the best possible grip with the hands of the driver. Most modern cars equipped with a built-in hub steering wheel airbag. Our experts are well aware of the design features of any car and will take into account this fact in the implementation of works. And this is - a reliable guarantee of protection, which can not be neglected.

Yacths & Boats, tents.

• Tent for boats and yachts;
• Tent for ATV;
• Bimini for boat;
• Carrying a tent;
• Fitting & adjusting the tent;
• Tent for winter storage;
• Biminitop;
• Covers for motors.
We are using high quality materials for sewing tents, provided by “Sunbrella”.

Upholstered Furniture

The "Skivers Hides" company is producing sofas, beds, armchairs, ottomans and soft coffee tables, under the order. We offer the manufacture of upholstered furniture, both in its own directory, and individually, based on sketches and wishes of the customer. When ordering furniture in our company, you get an exclusive product that meets all your requirements; it is ideal for you and your home. Our main principle in production- the use of high quality materials throughout- from the frame to the components and the use of well-known European manufacturers.

Padding & repair of upholstery furniture.

Hauling furniture - an affordable way to change the situation! We will help you: • Improve the appearance of sofas, chairs or stools.
• Change the shape and rigidity of the seat.
• Repair the structural elements.
• Increase the service life of furniture.
• Destroy the insects that live in the vehicle.
• Assemble the available items in the package.
• Change textile covering for more respectable leather.
• Conversion kit, adding a decorative elements.

Clothes, bags and belts.

We are sewing clothes for bikers (biker jackets, leather jackets, moto-trousers, jackets, women's leather clothing) from genuine leather to order.
Bags are made of genuine high quality leather tanning. Each model is thought fashion designers to the smallest nuances. Wide range of models leather handbags (for male and female) open unlimited possibilities in the selection of stylish ensembles.
The genuine leather Men's and women's belt is the necessary accessory for any modern man. You can buy high-quality, practical and stylish belt in different colors.

Collars for pets.

Collars made of genuine leather - the best choice for a dog. Leather - elastic, durable and reliable material, which in this case is quite simple to maintain, so the enhancement of this material will not cause inconvenience to the dog, and will last long enough.